Ashley + Jonas: Sneak Peek

I could not have asked for better weather as Ashley + Jonas celebrated their special day yesterday. These two could not be more in love! More coming soon!!

Ashley + Jonas-1

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Colleen + Albert | Second Shooting | Wedding Photography

Photographers often hire other photographers to be their second shooters when doing weddings to allow for greater event day coverage and a greater variety of perspectives.One of the benefits of networking with fellow photographers in your area is that you can often form bonds that will allow you to hire people that you trust to second shoot for you. And it is fun to work with your friends! =)

** A Tip for Aspiring Photographers: A great way to get valuable experience and break into the photography industry is to second shoot and/or assist a fellow photographer. I have often taken my students with me to weddings and events as my “third shooter” in order to allow them to learn. They often take great shots and walk away with so much hands on knowledge. Pick a few photographers in your area whose work you admire and who shoot the kind of photography you want to get into, and send out a kind email to each of them. You will be surprised just how many photographers are looking for assistants.  I know I always need someone to hold a reflector for me! If you are willing to work for free in exchange for the learning experience, it will help you immensely. Even if all they offer you is assisting with no shooting, you will learn a TON just from watching them work. Also, if you need a good, supportive group to be a part of, I am in one on FB that rocks. Contact me and I will get you in!**

Even though I am a experienced photographer who has shot many of my own weddings, I still enjoy second shooting because it allows me to see how another photographer perspective and way of doing things, which can be so inspiring. It is also a lot less pressure to not be the main photographer in charge of the day.

My friend Lauren of Lauren Louise photography is a amazing photographer, and a few months ago I shot Colleen + Albert’s wedding with her as her second shooter. I have been meaning to share a few of my favorites images from that day here on the blog.

I have a cute story to tell about this first photo of Albert below. Albert was running a bit late on wedding day. He rushed to get dressed, and his nerves got the best of him. Despite the fact that he ties bow-ties all the time (they even had bow-tie napkins at the reception), he just could not get his tie tied correctly. When I took the portrait below of Albert, his tie was still a bit off, but I love this picture because it captures the emotion of the day. Albert’s sister eventually helped him tie his tie perfectly a few mins before the ceremony started, but it is this picture that reminds me of just how special weddings really are.

Colleen and Albert, Wedding Photography, Camile Teresa Photography (1)Colleen and Albert, Wedding Photography, Camile Teresa Photography (2)Colleen and Albert, Wedding Photography, Camile Teresa Photography (3)Colleen and Albert, Wedding Photography, Camile Teresa Photography (4)Colleen and Albert, Wedding Photography, Camile Teresa Photography (5)Colleen and Albert, Wedding Photography, Camile Teresa Photography (6)Colleen and Albert, Wedding Photography, Camile Teresa Photography (7)Colleen and Albert, Wedding Photography, Camile Teresa Photography (8)Colleen and Albert, Wedding Photography, Camile Teresa Photography (9)

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What do I wear to a Portrait Session?

One of the things I often get asked by clients is, “What do I wear to my portrait session?” The answer depends on a few things, and hopefully this post will help to ease some of the stress associated with choosing what you’ll wear in your photos.

Solo Sessions are the simplest to plan because your clothing options do not depend on any other people. For all sessions, I recommend that you start with what you are comfortable wearing. There is nothing more unfortunate that someone who is not comfortable in their session. I want you to be yourself in your photos, and that won’t happen unless you are comfortable.  Especially when planning sessions for your children, be flexible in what they are going to wear. Perhaps let them wear the outfit they love most right now. Happy children = great pictures!

Portfolio (1 of 6)

For couples, I recommend that you try to match in some way, but never, ever wear the exact same color shirt. If both of you are wearing the same color on top, you will blend together in your photos, and that doesn’t flatter anyone. Here is a good example of a couple who is coordinating well:

Portfolio (103 of 149)

Their outfits are in the same color family, but they aren’t exactly the same.

If you are doing a family session, start with a a foundation color and go from there. You can accent with pops of color, especially through accessories. Solid shirts are the most flattering on everyone and photograph well (You can wear prints too, just be careful which ones you choose. Make sure they are not distracting). Let each family member show their personal style through the accessories that they choose. Here is an example of a family who coordinated well for their session:

Family portrait-1

Hopefully this helps you to plan what you’ll wear to your portrait session. Pinterest is a great tool where you can also search for outfit ideas. If you do a Pinterest search for “family portraits,” you will come across a host of ideas to help you coordinate your own choices.

If you still aren’t sure, please call me and I will work with you to help in any way that I can!


{Sneak Peek} Melissa + Jon Married: Sunrise, FL

Yesterday I shot the wedding of Melissa + Jon, one of the nicest and most loving couples I have ever seen. I knew from their engagement session just how perfect Melissa + Jon are together, but nothing could have prepared me for the love that was flowing from everyone at yesterday’s festivities. Not only are Melissa + Jon an amazing couple, but their family and friends were also an incredibly loving and spirited group of people.

The weather yesterday was awful– it was rain, thunder, and lightning from the time the bride walked down the aisle until well after the wedding was over– but you wouldn’t have known it from the spirits of everyone in attendance. Melissa, Jon, and I snuck away for a few intimate bride/groom shots and we found a spot out of the rain with great light. I love how these two images capture just how happy and in love these two are!

Jon and Melissa Sunrise, Florida Wedding Photo Collage 1

I can’t wait to share more of this amazing couple’s special day!


Melissa + Jon Engaged: Coconut Grove

Melissa & Jon are the kind of couple every photographer dreams of photographing: fun & vibrant, with a love story as sweet as their personalities.

Melissa & Jon met when they were both out for a night of enjoyment in Coconut Grove (a small neighborhood in Miami known for its unique restaurants, bars, and culture) at one of the most famous local bars, Sandbar. For their engagement shoot, we thought it would be fun to spend the afternoon revisiting the places where they first met as a celebration of their love.

We started the session at Sandbar, whose owners and patrons were more than happy to humor us by letting Melissa & Jon take some photos in the exact location where they met: at the bar.

Sandbar, Coconut Grove, FL, Engagement, Photography

Sandbar, Coconut Grove, FL, Engagement, Photography

Melissa & Jon’s personality really showed as we continued to another local bar, Moe’s, which is known for its “hunting lodge” decor. This couple couldn’t help but take a photo with the famous bear!

Sandbar, Coconut Grove, FL, Engagement, Photography

The Grove is also known for its lush greens and eclectic culture and this served as the perfect backdrop for more romantic photos that gave Melissa + Jon the chance to express just how much they love each other.

Sandbar, Coconut Grove, FL, Engagement, Photography

This is by far my favorite series of the day. This exact spot is where Jon kissed Melissa for the first time! It was touching to allow them to relive that moment together in front of the iconic center of the Grove, CocoWalk.

Sandbar, Coconut Grove, FL, Engagement, Photography

Lastly, we spent some time in CocoWalk capturing the vibrancy of their love and the atmosphere.

Sandbar, Coconut Grove, FL, Engagement, Photography

Sandbar, Coconut Grove, FL, Engagement, Photography

Sandbar, Coconut Grove, FL, Engagement, Photography

Of course we had to get a shot of that ring!

Sandbar, Coconut Grove, FL, Engagement, Photography

Melissa & Jon were such a joy to work with and I can’t wait to shoot their wedding in July. I know that it will be filled with fun and love, just the way they are.

Sandbar, Coconut Grove, FL, Engagement, Photography

Thank you Melissa & Jon for allowing us to capture your love!