{Sneak Peek} Melissa + Jon Married: Sunrise, FL

Yesterday I shot the wedding of Melissa + Jon, one of the nicest and most loving couples I have ever seen. I knew from their engagement session just how perfect Melissa + Jon are together, but nothing could have prepared me for the love that was flowing from everyone at yesterday’s festivities. Not only are Melissa + Jon an amazing couple, but their family and friends were also an incredibly loving and spirited group of people.

The weather yesterday was awful– it was rain, thunder, and lightning from the time the bride walked down the aisle until well after the wedding was over– but you wouldn’t have known it from the spirits of everyone in attendance. Melissa, Jon, and I snuck away for a few intimate bride/groom shots and we found a spot out of the rain with great light. I love how these two images capture just how happy and in love these two are!

Jon and Melissa Sunrise, Florida Wedding Photo Collage 1

I can’t wait to share more of this amazing couple’s special day!


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