Ashley + Jonas: Sneak Peek

I could not have asked for better weather as Ashley + Jonas celebrated their special day yesterday. These two could not be more in love! More coming soon!!

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Colleen + Albert | Second Shooting | Wedding Photography

Photographers often hire other photographers to be their second shooters when doing weddings to allow for greater event day coverage and a greater variety of perspectives.One of the benefits of networking with fellow photographers in your area is that you can often form bonds that will allow you to hire people that you trust to second shoot for you. And it is fun to work with your friends! =)

** A Tip for Aspiring Photographers: A great way to get valuable experience and break into the photography industry is to second shoot and/or assist a fellow photographer. I have often taken my students with me to weddings and events as my “third shooter” in order to allow them to learn. They often take great shots and walk away with so much hands on knowledge. Pick a few photographers in your area whose work you admire and who shoot the kind of photography you want to get into, and send out a kind email to each of them. You will be surprised just how many photographers are looking for assistants.  I know I always need someone to hold a reflector for me! If you are willing to work for free in exchange for the learning experience, it will help you immensely. Even if all they offer you is assisting with no shooting, you will learn a TON just from watching them work. Also, if you need a good, supportive group to be a part of, I am in one on FB that rocks. Contact me and I will get you in!**

Even though I am a experienced photographer who has shot many of my own weddings, I still enjoy second shooting because it allows me to see how another photographer perspective and way of doing things, which can be so inspiring. It is also a lot less pressure to not be the main photographer in charge of the day.

My friend Lauren of Lauren Louise photography is a amazing photographer, and a few months ago I shot Colleen + Albert’s wedding with her as her second shooter. I have been meaning to share a few of my favorites images from that day here on the blog.

I have a cute story to tell about this first photo of Albert below. Albert was running a bit late on wedding day. He rushed to get dressed, and his nerves got the best of him. Despite the fact that he ties bow-ties all the time (they even had bow-tie napkins at the reception), he just could not get his tie tied correctly. When I took the portrait below of Albert, his tie was still a bit off, but I love this picture because it captures the emotion of the day. Albert’s sister eventually helped him tie his tie perfectly a few mins before the ceremony started, but it is this picture that reminds me of just how special weddings really are.

Colleen and Albert, Wedding Photography, Camile Teresa Photography (1)Colleen and Albert, Wedding Photography, Camile Teresa Photography (2)Colleen and Albert, Wedding Photography, Camile Teresa Photography (3)Colleen and Albert, Wedding Photography, Camile Teresa Photography (4)Colleen and Albert, Wedding Photography, Camile Teresa Photography (5)Colleen and Albert, Wedding Photography, Camile Teresa Photography (6)Colleen and Albert, Wedding Photography, Camile Teresa Photography (7)Colleen and Albert, Wedding Photography, Camile Teresa Photography (8)Colleen and Albert, Wedding Photography, Camile Teresa Photography (9)

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A Behind the Scenes Wedding Story

For the Malone wedding I photographed in July, Jackie of Photostyle Boutique was my fantastic second shooter. Jackie and I met a couple of years ago as we both got involved in PARK Project, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to Perform Acts of Random Kindness. When I learned that Jackie was also a photographer, I knew we would be instant friends. Our similar attitudes, work ethic, and sense of humor make working together a joy.

My intern, Chris, also joined me for the Malone wedding. As you may know, I am also a high school teacher and Chris was a student of mine for four years. He graduated this past May and has won numerous local, state, and national awards for his work as a photographer in scholastic journalism (he’s a great writer too).

Now, rarely am I in front of a camera lens (being a photographer means that I am always the one taking pictures, not posing for them) but shooting with Jackie and Chris gave me the rare opportunity to actually be in front of the camera for some shots at the wedding.  You see I went to college with the groom, Jon, and knew some of the bridal party as well. Not to mention the fact that the bride, Melissa, is sweet as can be and we had already become friendly from their engagement shoot a couple of months earlier.

With three photographers in the room, I was able to grab a shot with both Chris & Jackie.

malone wedding-2

malone wedding-1

And take some shots of my awesome shooters hard at work!

Malone Wedding Behind the Scenes-1

Malone Wedding Behind the Scenes-10

This fun couple loved Jackie so much that they begged me to take some pictures with them and her. They were too funny!

Malone Wedding Behind the Scenes-2

Last but not least, I couldn’t resist some pictures with the bride and groom throwing up “the U” to represent our alma mater, the University of Miami.

malone wedding-5

Jon and Melissa are such a fun couple that shooting their wedding was more like attending a big party with all your friends rather than work. Jackie, Chris, and I had the best time!

As you can imagine, a lot goes into wedding photography. After all, the photographer(s), bride, and groom pretty much spend the entire day together, and other than the bridal party, no other person will spend more time with the bride and groom. That is why I think the relationship between the photographer and the bride and groom is such an important one. Weddings also have a LOT going on, which is why a trusted second shooter (or two) is invaluable. Hiring a second shooter allows for more coverage on the wedding day and the chance to get differing perspectives of the events.

I want to give a big THANK YOU to Jackie and Chris and all their hard work on the Malone wedding! Having them share this wedding with me was a great experience. To see more of her work, you can find Miami based photographer Jackie online at her website, facebook page, and instagram.  And you can find Chris online too at both his facebook page, and on 500px.