Colleen + Albert | Second Shooting | Wedding Photography

Photographers often hire other photographers to be their second shooters when doing weddings to allow for greater event day coverage and a greater variety of perspectives.One of the benefits of networking with fellow photographers in your area is that you can often form bonds that will allow you to hire people that you trust to second shoot for you. And it is fun to work with your friends! =)

** A Tip for Aspiring Photographers: A great way to get valuable experience and break into the photography industry is to second shoot and/or assist a fellow photographer. I have often taken my students with me to weddings and events as my “third shooter” in order to allow them to learn. They often take great shots and walk away with so much hands on knowledge. Pick a few photographers in your area whose work you admire and who shoot the kind of photography you want to get into, and send out a kind email to each of them. You will be surprised just how many photographers are looking for assistants.  I know I always need someone to hold a reflector for me! If you are willing to work for free in exchange for the learning experience, it will help you immensely. Even if all they offer you is assisting with no shooting, you will learn a TON just from watching them work. Also, if you need a good, supportive group to be a part of, I am in one on FB that rocks. Contact me and I will get you in!**

Even though I am a experienced photographer who has shot many of my own weddings, I still enjoy second shooting because it allows me to see how another photographer perspective and way of doing things, which can be so inspiring. It is also a lot less pressure to not be the main photographer in charge of the day.

My friend Lauren of Lauren Louise photography is a amazing photographer, and a few months ago I shot Colleen + Albert’s wedding with her as her second shooter. I have been meaning to share a few of my favorites images from that day here on the blog.

I have a cute story to tell about this first photo of Albert below. Albert was running a bit late on wedding day. He rushed to get dressed, and his nerves got the best of him. Despite the fact that he ties bow-ties all the time (they even had bow-tie napkins at the reception), he just could not get his tie tied correctly. When I took the portrait below of Albert, his tie was still a bit off, but I love this picture because it captures the emotion of the day. Albert’s sister eventually helped him tie his tie perfectly a few mins before the ceremony started, but it is this picture that reminds me of just how special weddings really are.

Colleen and Albert, Wedding Photography, Camile Teresa Photography (1)Colleen and Albert, Wedding Photography, Camile Teresa Photography (2)Colleen and Albert, Wedding Photography, Camile Teresa Photography (3)Colleen and Albert, Wedding Photography, Camile Teresa Photography (4)Colleen and Albert, Wedding Photography, Camile Teresa Photography (5)Colleen and Albert, Wedding Photography, Camile Teresa Photography (6)Colleen and Albert, Wedding Photography, Camile Teresa Photography (7)Colleen and Albert, Wedding Photography, Camile Teresa Photography (8)Colleen and Albert, Wedding Photography, Camile Teresa Photography (9)

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{Sneak Peek} Park Vista Cobra Country 5K [gallery is live!]

This past Saturday I shot the Park Vista High School inaugural Cobra Country 5K, an event set up to raise funds for the super talented Park Vista Cross Country Team. The senior & junior classes of Park Vista High School are very near and dear to my heart because all the little kids I used to babysit when I was in high school are now a part of those classes (and also, I am officially old, I digress). One of the boys I used to sit for, Michael, is one of the stars of the team, so when his mom, Carrie, (who is a long time family friend and 5K coordinator extraordinaire) asked me to shoot the event, I was excited to help in any way that I could.

Saturday was one of the most misty and foggy mornings I have seen in a long time, but that didn’t stop the great inaugural event from happening. Everyone was so happy and ready to walk/run! I still have hundreds of photos from Saturday’s event to go through, but I wanted to share this quick shot from the start of the race because I just love how it came out (click on the picture to see it bigger & better).

PV 5K Previews-1

Did you attend this awesome event? The gallery to view & order your photos is ready! –> CLICK HERE!!


BBCC Women’s Luncheon 2013

I have been attending Boynton Beach Community Church for 12 years now, and one of the main perks of moving back home to Palm Beach County this year is getting to attend this great church every single Sunday. My church is awesome and full of amazing, faithful women. Each year we have a women’s luncheon on the first Sunday in December to celebrate each other before the craziness of the holidays begins. It’s always a meaningful time that helps us to keep focused on the real reason for the season.

It is important for me to give back to my church community, and one of the ways I can do that is through photography.

The women of our church did an amazing job decorating our church space. The dolls on each table are vintage porcelain dolls and were donated to children in need after the event.

BBCC Women's Luncheon 2013-2

I have to say, women really know what Christmas is all about: Jesus and yummy dessert! The dessert table was pretty fantastic.

BBCC Women's Luncheon 2013-1

It was really nice to see everyone come together for such a special event.
BBCC Women's Luncheon 2013-20

We even had a musical guest: The Kings Academy Choir! They sang beautiful songs that got everyone in the holiday spirit.

BBCC Women's Luncheon 2013-43

Some of the girls from our church did a special performance of a song and dance, which was beautiful.
BBCC Women's Luncheon 2013-72

Lastly, I had to include a shot of Dudley and Chris Hodges, the husband and wife duo that make BBCC such a great place to be.
BBCC Women's Luncheon 2013-102

I love being able to share my gift with my church family. You can view the entire gallery from the Women’s Luncheon here at Pixieset.


Happy Halloween!!

Last night I shot my church’s Fall Family Fun event, and the costumes were awesome! My favorite? Baby Elvis! He was just too cute.

Happy Halloween everyone!!

BBCC Fall Family Fun Night -1


PraiseFest 2013

My dad, Carl Foster, is a phenomenal event planner and marketer. There isn’t anything this man can’t do. He is also a man of God, and those two passions were united when he was brought on as the event manager for PraiseFest 2013. When I was asked to be the official photographer for PraiseFest, I knew I couldn’t say no. It was an honor to be part of something so great.

The event was held on Saturday, October 12, 2013 at Meyer Amphitheater in Downtown West Palm Beach. The event brought together believers for a full day of faith, family, fellowship, fun, and of course, music! The lineup featured so many wonderful Christian musicians and speakers, and I continued to be impressed with the faithfulness and talent of everyone there.

PraiseFest Previews-10

PraiseFest Previews-12

PraiseFest Previews-14

PraiseFest Previews-21

Thes best part of the day for me was actually the night time, when the Jessica Aaron Band and Kerrie Roberts performed. Both girls are beautiful, talented, women of the Lord– and super nice!
PraiseFest Previews-29

PraiseFest Previews-5

My little brother actually worked the event all day with us, and he was rewarded when both Jessica Aaron and Kerrie Roberts fell in love with him (like everyone does ‘cuz he’s awesome) and took a photo with him before performing together for their candlelight closing song.
PraiseFest Previews-26

The first annual PraiseFest was fantastic and I know that next year it will be even bigger and better. I can’t wait to see what’s in store next for this great event!