Sonderegger Family | Fall 2014: Boynton Beach Family Portraits

I have been a bad photographer blogger and missed blogging all of my sessions from August to November. As such, I will be blogging these sessions throughout the next couple of months or so. This session is from mid-August 2014.

The Sondereggers are totally awesome (you may recognize their awesomeness because I’ve photographed them before!). I’ve known them for nearly 15 years and I love getting to interact with the whole group of them.

Michael, the eldest son, headed off to Florida State University at the end of August, so with the summer sun fading, we set out to Boynton Beach to capture one last memory of all the boys at home.


And then, Carrie grabbed my camera and I jumped in for this ridiculous one. Because what else do you do with three teenage boys who you’ve known since they were in diapers? 😛


Thank you Carrie, Fred, Michael, Andrew, and Justin! It was great to hang out with you guys and I had a blast taking your portraits!

Camile Teresa Photography Logo 2014

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