Vera is Three | Miami Children’s Portrait Session

It isn’t very often that I get to capture children. It isn’t that I don’t love doing it, but since my specialty tends to be high school seniors and families, I don’t often get requests to for children’s portraits. I really love doing them, and so I was especially excited when one of my friends asked me to do a portrait session to celebrate her daughter turning three.

Tatina had a great vision for Vera’s session. We would highlight Vera’s favorite color, pink, and also celebrate her being such a big girl now. Her first outfit, a beautiful black and white dress and bright pink bow, was the epitome of little girl sophistication.


We also decided to use balloons so that Vera could have fun celebrating turning three. Tatiana got these fantastic balloons online and they were so much fun to incorporate into the session. I just loved how they moved with the breeze and brought such color and movement to the photographs. After we were done, Vera selflessly offered these balloons to some children who were playing in the park nearby. Such an awesome girl!


I really wanted to capture all of Vera’s personality and details. Afterall, you only get to be three once, and it is such a lovely age to be. She is learning so much and I was so impressed with how smart she is!


Vera is such an amazing little girl and it was a joy to spend some time with her! She is funny, sweet, and incredibly joyful. Thank you, Tatiana for allowing me to capture your incredible daughter!

Camile Teresa Photography Logo 2014

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