Winter Photo Challenge Week 4: Prism Photography

I am going to go ahead and be really honest here: I am terrible at prism photography. 

If you want to know what prism photography is, I recommend you go read this. The short version is that you take a prism, yes those triangle things from elementary school science class, and hold them up to the lens to manipulate your picture. Here is the hard part, you have to hold the camera, and hold the prism up to your lens, while trying to manually focus and push the shutter button. Granted, I probably should have just used a tripod, but tripods never really feel like “me” and I really thought I would be able to manage it all. Laughable in hindsight, but those are the lessons we need to learn.

When I was trying to take this week’s photo, I felt like an idiot who didn’t know anything about how to take a picture. While I think this photography looks cool when done well, it is obviously not for me. I don’t love it enough to have the patience it would take to really make a great photograph using this technique. 

That being said, I really did try, and this was the best I could do:

winter challenge-3

I am not happy with this, at all, but it was the only one from the bunch that I even liked a little bit. *sigh* Here’s to hoping more success in next week’s challenge!