{Sneak Peek} Salemme Family Session: Delray Beach

Yesterday I had the privilege of photographing the Salemme family, and I just couldn’t wait to share a little sneak peek of the awesomeness that is their family! Mom, dad, plus six children; and more love than can be described with words.

Salemme Family Delray Beach-148

More from their Delray Beach session is coming soon!


What do I wear to a Portrait Session?

One of the things I often get asked by clients is, “What do I wear to my portrait session?” The answer depends on a few things, and hopefully this post will help to ease some of the stress associated with choosing what you’ll wear in your photos.

Solo Sessions are the simplest to plan because your clothing options do not depend on any other people. For all sessions, I recommend that you start with what you are comfortable wearing. There is nothing more unfortunate that someone who is not comfortable in their session. I want you to be yourself in your photos, and that won’t happen unless you are comfortable.  Especially when planning sessions for your children, be flexible in what they are going to wear. Perhaps let them wear the outfit they love most right now. Happy children = great pictures!

Portfolio (1 of 6)

For couples, I recommend that you try to match in some way, but never, ever wear the exact same color shirt. If both of you are wearing the same color on top, you will blend together in your photos, and that doesn’t flatter anyone. Here is a good example of a couple who is coordinating well:

Portfolio (103 of 149)

Their outfits are in the same color family, but they aren’t exactly the same.

If you are doing a family session, start with a a foundation color and go from there. You can accent with pops of color, especially through accessories. Solid shirts are the most flattering on everyone and photograph well (You can wear prints too, just be careful which ones you choose. Make sure they are not distracting). Let each family member show their personal style through the accessories that they choose. Here is an example of a family who coordinated well for their session:

Family portrait-1

Hopefully this helps you to plan what you’ll wear to your portrait session. Pinterest is a great tool where you can also search for outfit ideas. If you do a Pinterest search for “family portraits,” you will come across a host of ideas to help you coordinate your own choices.

If you still aren’t sure, please call me and I will work with you to help in any way that I can!


Ilany & Ray: Hugh Taylor Birch State Park Children’s Session

I had the pleasure of shooting these two adorable kiddos at a new location, Hugh Taylor Birch State Park. This large state park is located in downtown Fort Lauderdale right across from the beach off of Sunrise Blvd. The first thing that surprised me was that the park was huge! I spent about 30 mins before they arrived driving the 2.5 mile (one way) loop around the park and finding all the little incredible spaces that were tucked away off the road.

Our first stop was the children’s park. Ilany is 10 years old and Ray is almost 3, so I knew I wanted to take them to a spot where they could play and interact. They loved the swings and it was a good way to get them loosened up!



Their mom, Evelyn, calls this collage “attitude!” I crack up everytime I look at Ray’s “angry” face. He’s just such a cutie!

Next, we headed to the middle of the park where a massive, 100 year old Banyan tree sits.


Lastly, just as the sun was leaving the sky, we spent some time letting the kids play in the sand & water, which both of them loved.


It was a fun afternoon capturing Ilany & Ray in a great Florida nature spot. A big thank you to their mommy, my good friend Evelyn, for trusting me to capture her awesome kids!