A Little Dose of Faith

Sometimes it is good to shoot just for the pure joy of using your God given talent. A few days ago I snapped a few frames at our church’s HS youth group, and this is my favorite shot from the night. Such passion and faith from one of my dear friends, JD. I love our youth group with all my heart <3.



Camile Teresa Photography Logo 2014

Chase: Delray Beach Back to School Session

Yesterday I shot one of my most favorite subjects, my little brother! Chase is 13 years old and an awesome kid all around. I love his style and that he is so multi-talented. He’s been begging me to take back-to-school photos of him for about a month now, and so we headed out to Delray Beach yesterday afternoon to take some fun shots.
Delray Beach Back to School-20Chase is a musical kid, but his two main instruments are the guitar and the french horn (he also plays drums, trumpet, and dabbles in some others). We brought both out to our session to capture his talent. I wish there was audio in some of these photos because he was really playing! People even stopped to listen.
Delray Beach Back to School-5Delray Beach Back to School-8Of course he wouldn’t be Chase if he didn’t get silly!
Delray Beach Back to School-13Delray Beach Back to School-18Delray Beach Back to School-6Lastly, we headed down to the beach. I love to end my sessions there, can you tell? =) I love the beach because it just calms me. The light is beautiful, you get to put your toes in the water & sand, and the sound of the ocean is so relaxing. Plus for photos, it is such a good opportunity to have some fun!
Delray Beach Back to School-26Delray Beach Back to School-30Delray Beach Back to School-35Shooting my brother was such a fun experience. It connected us as brother and sister, and gave me the opportunity to really focus on him, both through my lens and in person. I am so happy to have him in my life!