Personal Project | Photography Fun Day | The Boys

In my last post, I talked about my summer project: a photography fun day for teens/ young adults to practice taking photos and/or modeling for them. Today, I will be showcasing the boys!

First up is Alejandro! I don’t know Alejandro very well, but he is a good friend of ¬†Mario’s (who you’ll see later in this post) and wanted to come along for the adventure. He spent most of his time taking photos, but he did model for a few shots with me. He is a very nice young man who will be starting his second year studying engineering at FIU in a few weeks.

Camile Teresa Photography | South Florida Photographer_0005Camile Teresa Photography | South Florida Photographer_0006Camile Teresa Photography | South Florida Photographer_0007

I’ve known Carlos since he was in the 10th grade, and now he going into his second year at Miami Dade College. Carlos is funny, rambunctious, talented, and full of life. He makes me laugh like no one else! Carlos is an aspiring young photographer, so he spent a lot of his time taking photos. That’s him looking at his camera in the first photo below. Carlos is so talented and I know he is only going to keep growing in his photography!

Camile Teresa Photography | South Florida Photographer_0008Camile Teresa Photography | South Florida Photographer_0009Camile Teresa Photography | South Florida Photographer_0010Camile Teresa Photography | South Florida Photographer_0011Camile Teresa Photography | South Florida Photographer_0012

Last, but certainly not least, was have Mario. Again, I’ve known Mario since he was a 10th grader in my Creative Writing class. Little did I know, but he would come to be one of my best and most amazing students. He was editor-in-chief of the online news site I advised his senior year and he helped me start the program. Now he will be starting his second year at Miami-Dade Honors College in a few weeks. Mario is incredibly smart, caring, driven, and talented. Wise beyond his years is the best way to describe him. Mario took a few photos of his own too since he has an interest in learning more about photography. He has a great eye!

Camile Teresa Photography | South Florida Photographer_0028Camile Teresa Photography | South Florida Photographer_0029Camile Teresa Photography | South Florida Photographer_0030Camile Teresa Photography | South Florida Photographer_0031Camile Teresa Photography | South Florida Photographer_0032

I had to snap a few of these guys together too! They’re a great group of friends.

Camile Teresa Photography | South Florida Photographer_0033Camile Teresa Photography | South Florida Photographer_0038

Thank you Alejandro, Carlos, and Mario for coming out and making our day lots of fun! Can’t wait for the next one!

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Personal Project | Photography Fun Day | The Girls

I have been a high school teacher for seven years, so spending time with teenagers is something that I obviously love to do. In addition to teaching 10th grade English and Journalism, I am also a leader at my church’s youth group, so I really do know A LOT of teenagers. =)

The summer is a time when I usually like to work on a personal project (or twelve) and so this year I decided that I would like to organize an event for some students who love photography as much as I do. Some of the kids that came  were former students of mine who are now in college, and others are part of the youth group at church. They are all awesome people who I adore!

It was super fun to spend a few hours with these kids. Some just modeled, some took photos and modeled, and some were more interested in being behind the lens (like me! haha!), but all had a great time.

I’ll be sharing some images from our day here on the blog in the next few days. First up, the girls! =)

Madi is a 10th grader who is beautiful inside and out. I met her at youth group and she has proven to be strong, passionate, and talented. She sings like an angel and even goes to an art school for her drama skills! It was so much fun to take photos of her. She’s a natural in front of the camera!

Camile Teresa Photography | South Florida Photographer_0021Camile Teresa Photography | South Florida Photographer_0022Camile Teresa Photography | South Florida Photographer_0023Camile Teresa Photography | South Florida Photographer_0024Camile Teresa Photography | South Florida Photographer_0025Camile Teresa Photography | South Florida Photographer_0026Camile Teresa Photography | South Florida Photographer_0027

Faustina will be attending PBA in a few short weeks! I also know Faustina from youth group, and what first impressed me about her is how kind and wonderful she is to everyone around her. She is also a fantastic singer and leads our youth group worship pretty often. I love her kind spirit, excitement for life, and overall amazingness. I also loved her in front of my lens; look at that smile!

Camile Teresa Photography | South Florida Photographer_0013Camile Teresa Photography | South Florida Photographer_0014Camile Teresa Photography | South Florida Photographer_0015Camile Teresa Photography | South Florida Photographer_0017Camile Teresa Photography | South Florida Photographer_0019Camile Teresa Photography | South Florida Photographer_0020

Since Madi and Faustina go to youth group together, they are also close friends, and I wanted to snap a few of them together. When I asked them to make the funniest face they could think of, I immediately got the most adorable photos I could have asked for. I LOVE these!!

Camile Teresa Photography | South Florida Photographer_0034Camile Teresa Photography | South Florida Photographer_0035Camile Teresa Photography | South Florida Photographer_0036

Thank you Madi and Faustina for modeling for us and for being truly incredible young women! Can’t wait to photograph you again!

The boys are up next! Stay tuned.

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Sneak Peek | Madi

Tomorrow I will be blogging about a super cool project I did, but today I want to share a sneak peek of one of my favorite images from that project. I give you Madi!

Camile Teresa Photography | South Florida Photographer_0027


More from this project coming soon!

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Kaitlyn UM Grad School Graduation: Downtown Delray, South Florida Portrait Session

My good friend Kaitlyn is graduating from the University of Miami (my alma mater) in December with her Master’s Degree, so we celebrated with a portrait session for her graduation announcements. This gal is one of the best people I know and she’s gorgeous to boot! It made my job super easy.

We began in Downtown Delray, a place I love to shoot. There are just so many different hidden places to explore.

Kaitlyn Delray Beach Portrait Session

Kaitlyn Delray Beach Portrait Session

Kaitlyn Delray Beach Portrait Session

The photo above has a meaning behind it that I think is fun to share. Kaitlyn is graduating with her degree in “Arts Presenting,” which is essentially music business for live venues. She knows a ton about the music industry and is an incredible singer herself. When we saw the “Invest in your arts center” sign, we just had to grab a pic!

Kaitlyn Delray Beach Portrait Session

Lastly, we headed over to the beach for some more relaxed photos. Kaitlyn got to take her heels off and play in the waves. I’ll admit it– I may have had my feet in the water too. It was a gorgeous evening!

Kaitlyn Delray Beach Portrait Session

The bittersweet part about this session is that it means that Kaitlyn will be moving back to Texas soon. I am going to miss her a lot, but I am also extremely proud of her and all she has accomplished. The world will see great things to come from this awesome woman!