Winter Photo Challenge Week 3: Rembrandt Triangle with Soft Window Light

Last week I missed out on week two of the Photography Awesomesause’s Winter Photo Challenge 2013-2014, but I wasn’t about to let that deter me from getting back into the challenge.

This week the challenge was to get that soft window lighting for an indoor portrait. I will admit that this posed a challenge for me for two reasons: 1) I don’t seem to get home in time for natural light indoors, and 2) none of our window shades are working at the moment, meaning that the shades can’t be opened to allow light in.

I ended up doing the challenge this afternoon with my brother as the subject, and instead of opening the window shades, I actually opened the front door and had him sit in the light that streamed in. Using a white reflector, I was able to capture a couple of shots that I am pleased with.



I would definitely like to work more on this look. I can see how in the right conditions, it can be really beautiful. Next time I just need window shades that open!