Madelaine | Class of 2015: South Florida Senior Portrait Session, Downtown Fort Lauderdale

Madelaine was the winner of my senior portrait session giveaway that I did this summer for those graduating in the class of 2015, and I am SO incredibly happy that she won. Not only is Madelaine gorgeous, but she is also sweet, funny, and smart! She is the student of a good friend of mine (Hey, Arlene!), and she is active in the school newspaper, softball team, drama and art club. Also, she has the most incredible hair I have ever photographed!

When Madelaine and I were planning her sesssion, she said that she wanted something in a downtown or city area, so we headed to Downtown Fort Lauderdale on a rather rainy Sunday afternoon to take our portraits. Luckily, the rain cleared, and then the most beautiful light appeared (Which tends to happen right after rain. Photographer tip: If you ever want pretty light, go out just after a rainstorm)!

It was so much fun to walk along the city and photograph Madelaine. Her vibrant personality shined through the lens and made my job so simple!


This next shot is my money shot, my favorite of the day. We were walking down a street and this entrance to a restaurant that was closed caught my eye. The light was coming in just right and I asked Madelaine to sit down for just a second. We were there maybe a minute total, but I knew I saw something good. Sure enough, when I saw this image loading on my computer, my breath caught for a second. These are the shots I live for.


Congratulations on all your accomplishments, Madelaine! I know the future holds so many great things for you!

Camile Teresa Photography Logo 2014




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