Find me on Thumbtack!

Thumbtack is an awesome website that connect service professionals and customers. On the site, you can create a request for a service that you need and have service professionals submit quotes to you based on your request. Then YOU, the customer, gets to choose which service professional you would like to use for your request.

For photography, this is an excellent way for clients to be able to get quotes from photographers in their area. Now you can view and rate Camile Teresa Photography on Thumbtack! Simply visit my Thumbtack page to see what it is all about. I would definitely recommend using Thumbtack when you are looking to hire a service professional.

If you are a past client of Camile Teresa Photography, I invite you to visit my Thumbtack page and leave a review. It would mean the world to me! Any client that leaves a review will also get a special discount on future photography services, so don’t miss out!


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