Sew Tamz Custom Camera Strap Review

I’ve been wanting a new camera strap for ages. The strap that comes with most DSLRs (regardless of brand) is functional, but not very comfortable or stylish. Whenever I looked at the straps sold in the camera stores, they were always very manly looking– black or grey with added padding but not much else.

A couple of months ago I noticed that there were more and more custom camera straps showing up around the interwebs, and I wanted one. After a few weeks of searching, I came across Sew Tamz’s DSLR straps, and I was immediately impressed by several things:

1) These were actual custom camera straps, not just camera strap covers.

2) The padding inside is neoprene, the super squishy stuff they make wetsuits out of.

3) The strap is longer and meant to be used as a long neck strap or a crossbody strap. This was the first I had seen this and I knew it would be perfect for me. Whenever I am not shooting, I tend to put my arm through my camera strap and wear it to the side, but the Nikon straps aren’t long enough to wear it that way and still shoot (you can see how the cross body is worn on the Sew Tamz site by clicking here).

Finally, after reading everything, I ordered my custom strap from Sew Tamz. Well, it came today and I could not be happier (please excuse the iPhone photos)!

Sew Tamz Camera Strap-1

The strap is gorgeous! I custom designed mine and it makes me so, so happy.

Sew Tamz Camera Strap-3

Look! There is my name!

Sew Tamz Camera Strap-4

One cool feature that I wasn’t looking for, but is so nice to have, is the quick release. The straps “detach” and form a mini hand strap for your camera.

Sew Tamz Camera Strap-2

If you compare this new strap with my old standard Nikon one, you can see the difference in size and padding. This one feels plush because it is made out of super soft fabric that goes against your neck (it’s kind of “furry”) and has that neoprene core I was talking about. Wearing it made my camera feel light as a feather!

Sew Tamz Camera Strap-5

I haven’t used my strap on a shoot yet, but I am really excited to do so. I know it will make long events, like weddings, so much more comfortable. I think it will also be great for travelling when I tend to have my camera on my neck a lot. Overall I am very happy with my custom strap.

I was not compensated to write this review; I just like to give genuine feedback that might help others who are looking into a product or service.


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